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Scottish castles and great houses, Scottish culture, history, tips for traveling to Scotland, insider's tours from the Scottish Borders to the Scottish Highlands, special celebrations, Scottish crafts, Scottish food and lodgings, news and more, including our signature "Notes From The Isles" column, a charming journal about island life, plus music, books and Scotch whisky reviews.


Summer 2019 / Vol. 24 / Number 2


Notes From The Isles
by Kate Francis
An Island Journal

Bens & Glens & Heroes
News from Scotland

The Noble Instrument
by Simon McKerrell
The Highland Bagpipe

Scotland In Music
by Edward Scott Pearlman

Scotland In Books
by Paul Gallagher

What's New and Noteworthy

In The Parish Of Peats
Scotch Whisky
by John Lamond

Events in North America and Scotland

Scottish Societies

Next Issue
What's Ahead

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Robert Burns Country
by Stephen McGinty
The forces that shaped Scotland's national poet have been painstakingly frozen in time in Alloway.

The Antonine Wall
by Paul Stafford
This was the northernmost frontier of the Roman Empire in Scotland, and today it is still possible to see its impressive contours and imagine how it was nearly 2,000 years ago.

Americans In Angus
by T. R. Gordon
Throughout the years of the Cold War, a secret spy base in the quiet village of Edzell brought Americans and Scots together.

What's New (And Old) On Lewis And Harris
by Stephen McGinty
The youthful vitality running through this ancient Hebridean outpost gives it a distinctly 21st-century feel.

The Smugglers' Haven
by Jim Gilchrist
For centuries the sea has dominated life in Eyemouth, providing a welcoming port for fishermen and a notorious haven for smugglers.

The Queen Of The Inner Hebrides
by Kevin Pilley
People may come to Islay for its world-famous whisky, but they stay for dozens of compelling reasons.

The Brewing Revival
by Paul Stafford
Scots know how to enjoy a good glass of beer, a notion not lost on a growing number of brewers, both micro and macro.