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Scottish castles and great houses, Scottish culture, history, tips for traveling to Scotland, insider's tours from the Scottish Borders to the Scottish Highlands, special celebrations, Scottish crafts, Scottish food and lodgings, news and more, including our signature "Notes From The Isles" column, a charming journal about island life, plus music, books and Scotch whisky reviews.


Autumn 2018 / Vol. 23 / Number 3


Notes From The Isles
by Kate Francis
An Island Journal

Bens & Glens & Heroes
News from Scotland

The Noble Instrument
by Simon McKerrell
The Highland Bagpipe

Scotland In Music
by Edward Scott Pearlman

Scotland In Books
by Paul Gallagher

What's New and Noteworthy

In The Parish Of Peats
Scotch Whisky
by John Lamond

Events in North America and Scotland

Scottish Societies

Next Issue
What's Ahead

Argyll Haddo House West Highland train Staffa Mull

The Secrets Of Argyll
by Kenneth Steven
Ancient rock carvings, burial cairns and standing stones are set within a classic West Highlands landscape where the rugged interior gives way to quiet coastal waterways.

Haddo House, Home Of The Gordons
by Stephen McGinty
Although Lord Haddo's political career ended badly, the attention he lavished on his ancestral estate is celebrated still.

Journey Of A Lifetime
by Stephen McGinty
For those who book tickets on the West Highland Rail Line, it is the journey more than the destination that matters most.

A Window To The Past
by Paul Stafford
A 37-acre Necropolis high on a hill above Glasgow honors the bygone era when it was the "Second City Of The Empire."

The Last Woollen Mill
by Richenda Miers
At one time, the industrial sound of mill machinery would have echoed across the rural landscape, but today Knockando stands alone.

Edinburgh's Golden Age
by Stephen McGinty
To step inside the Georgian House is to be taken back to the reign of George III, when the city glowed in every way.

The Greatest Outdoors
by Jim Gilchrist
With so much of its landscape dramatically shaped by the forces of nature, it is no wonder Scotland is at the forefront of the geotourism movement.